Boogie Linsang [Review]

I bought this shoes about November 2009, at that time I’m looking for some comfortable shoes for everyday use which still /out/ worthy. Before that I used army combat boot for almost every occasion that require shoes. I know it’s heavy, because of that I bought a pair of sneakers that get destroyed within two month of use. Apparently I’m not hating myself enough so I look for something more comfy.


(that how it’s look like when new, except mine is black)

The shoes was made with real leather with some combination material in the back. As an under ankle boots it would gives flexibility that would be good for cycling. And ofcourse, it’s the cheapest shoes from Boogie¬†(It was Rp325.000 back then). So I bought it.

I tasted first /out/ use in PDT 2009, a hundred kilometres walk on mostly paved road. I loved it. But after used it on camping I just felt it’s drawback. It sole doesn’t grip at all. Luckily I had never had a bad fall on this shoes, but on the bright side this mean that mud would not stick. And because I got 1 number too big for my feet, I tend to overtighten the strap resulted the little strap on back to break after it get some use. But craftmanship on this shoes is quite good, after a lot of mud puddle, stream crossing, and general rain the whole shoes did not break and the glue held perfectly til now.


While it’s sole doesn’t give satisfying grip you would expect it was made with harder material. Nope, it was made with quite soft material, it just that the groove is not deep enough to bite the ground. You could see how hundreds kilometres of walk (mostly on paved ground) ¬†affect the sole below:


Overall this is a good shoes for everyday use or a little bit outing, but don’t expect much. The fact that it was not ruined after crossed river and get some abuse made me contend with it.

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