Liking a Genre

What liking a genre means? It means that you explore it, embracing it’s pretension, breath in it’s ridiculousness, and fight in flame wars in the internet. Explore, that’s the key. The hipster in me always told me to reject  what the mass (sheeple, plebeian, ignoramuses, choose your own word for them) enjoy but never really know how to find something that is “mine.”

T’was just about two years since I discovered nightfall in middle earth and imaginaerum which made me drowned in Blind Guardian and Nightwish works. Then I explored power metal, liked some bands, unimpressed by others, then widen my exploring to listen heavy metal in general. United by it’s sonic amplification there’s diversity I found.

An enduring riff with almost no change or change of mood within one song? Western or eastern? They were good long times ago or disowned trend? What is the thing I like from it?

Well, I just like metal.

One thought on “Liking a Genre

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