My Story, My Reality

Just came across one wonderful story. An author was ordered to return 22.5 million after the publisher found out that her holocaust memoir is a fake. Great, another delusional people latch to big story to get recognition.

This granny is not about to feed the wolves

This granny is not about to feed the wolves

Even a summary of her story could made your mouth wide agape, let see how wikipedia puts it:

wandering across Europe at the age of six after her parents were deported in 1941, being sheltered by friendly packs of wolves, killing a German soldier in self-defence, sneaking into and out of the Warsaw Ghetto, and finally finding her way home at the end of the war.

Whoah, hold on there! She said she was joined a pack of wolves then travelling Europe? Yes she is!

Some how this extravagant story circulated around synagogue in America until it reached a publisher. A ghost writer came, even if she doubted the story, the way Misha tell the story is so vivid so she wrote it anyway. ”There were doubts,” she says, ”but so much seemed credible that I couldn’t just throw doubt on the whole thing.”

You would remember the story of Remus and Romulus, raised by wolf and they somehow could gather thugs and build Rome. But a lot of today’s plebeian ignorant about the fact that in ancient Rome wolf could also means prostitute, which means Remus and Remulus was raised by bitch that walked with just two legs. In more recent setting you may heard the story of Mowgli, immortalized in Jungle Book, which actually a fiction.

Nobody wonder how a baby could sit like this.

Nobody wonder how a baby could sit like this.

In the old time men may claimed to be raised by wolf as a symbol of their superhuman qualities. People still could claimed they had been in the jungle, become member of a pack, challenging gorilla, and such. Ofcourse you’ll be laughed if you claim a throne or presidency with it, but you will be a special snowflake with that kind of story.

Misha Defonseca’s story shows how a person may masked her own painful memories with a fabricated memories. As a kid that just lost her parents she was just a “traitors daughter.” Nobody given her love that a child deserve, so as a child she made her own escapist fantasy world where she’s one of the persecuted. In her fantasy world she is a Jew that sheltered by pack of wolves while making journey to find her parents.

Fast forward to 90s, she was facing unemployment. Her childhood story of  adventure resurfaced again, alot people say vividly. You may notice how this story of other identity and adventure resurface when she is unhappy. This fantasy of identity transformed herself from her own self to become one brave girl facing wilderness and NAZI persecution. This comforted herself but removes her from her from having to deal with source of her anxiety.

Now her story was scrutinied by historian and writers. They found it was not true at all. But for her it’s still her own story. “It’s not the true reality, but it is my reality. There are times when I find it difficult to differentiate between reality and my inner world.” That’s it, she already admit “it’s true in my head.”


Now it would be more convenient for someone like her in this age. There’s tumblr for you.


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