Shocking Realization

Prabowo and Gerindra, player in Indonesian politics that had joustled their party into this years presidential race. He has history that would not pleased a lot of people. Some says he had anger management problem, some question his responsibilitiy/complicity in May ’98 tragedy. Some just called him FASCIST.

Is that kris cellotaped?

Is that kris cellotaped?

His dress remind us to Soekarno’s dress of choice, even though different material used made him look flabby compared to our founding father. His uniformed party member wore same white tunic with red neckerchief.

And this had brought me to a shocking realization. Isn’t white shirt-red neckerchief is communist uniform?

Compare this, Young Pioneers marching in the street of Moscow:


This is Prabowo and his minions:






My question, Why Prabowo dressed his minion like dirty communist? Did he have some kind of affection to them?


2 thoughts on “Shocking Realization

  1. although I like Prabowo alot, your analysist is shocking me either. you have a good attention to detail 🙂

    About how they dress, I hope it’s just a coincidence because (I think) they only orient to our national flag’s color, red and white, and that’s the best combination in dress :p


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