I Love You Ebola!

Ah dunia, penyakit-penyakit bermunculan satu demi satu. Flu macam H5N1, H1H1, atau apalah bermuculan. SARS, MERS, silahkan anda cari lagi. Kini untuk menambahkengerian kita Ebola muncul lagi!


Seperti apa penyakit Ebola itu?

What is Ebola? Ebola is a virus that attacks every organ and every tissue in the human body, except for sinews and bones. It is an ideal parasite that turns almost every part of the organism into something that looks like it underwent digestion. Seven proteins, of which very little is known, work like a single tireless mechanism; a viral shark, if you will.

It begins with clots appearing in the blood, which cause it to thicken and slow down. Then they attach to walls of blood vessels, forming a mosaic that covers bigger and bigger area every second. Clots grow in number and size, clogging up capillaries and cutting off blood flow to various parts of the body. This causes necrosis in parts of the brain, kidneys, liver, lungs, digestive tract, sex organs and large segments of skin. Beneath the skin, micro-effusions occur, covering it with red spots. Ebola virus attacks connective tissues with particular fervor, multiplying within collagen – basic protein of our tissues, which keeps our skin and thus our entire body, whole. Somehow, Ebola’s seven proteins manage to destroy our body’s own proteins. Collagen in victim’s body turn into mush, causing our subcutaneous layer to die and start decaying. The skin becomes covered in cracks, which instantly start bleeding profusely. Red spots grow in size, becoming huge bruises; skin becomes soft, puffy and flakes at the slightest touch. The mouth bleeds, gums bleed, every orifice in the body bleeds, no matter how small. Surface of the tongue becomes purplish-red, and also starts flaking, to either be swallowed or spat out. It is said that pain inflicted when tongue surface flakes off is one of the worst kinds of agony imaginable. Sometimes entire chunks of the tongue get ripped off during spasms of vomiting, which cause the victim to heave out vile black liquid.

Surfaces of the throat and the respiratory tract also exfoliate, ending up inside the lungs if they’re not spat out. The heart’s muscles weaken and blood starts leaking into the ribcage. The brain becomes clogged with dead blood cells, causing memory loss and dementia. Ebola attacks eyeballs as well, causing them to fill with blood, frequently inducing blindness. Eyes start leaking blood in such amounts that it streams down the cheeks. Strokes are frequent at this stage, which, if not fatal, result in partial or full paralysis. Yet despite the body getting filled with dead clots of blood, the blood that leaks outside does not coagulate. If you inspect this blood under a microscope, you will see that it is dead. Red blood cells are destroyed completely – it looks like someone ran the blood through a blender.

Eventually, necrosis of the organs begins, with the victim still alive. The liver bloats, grows yellow in color, becomes porous and then breaks apart. Cracks line its entire surface, reaching deep down. Liver collapses and starts decaying. Kidneys becomes filled with dead cells and blood clots and also cease to function, instantly contaminating the blood with urine that was trapped inside them. The spleen simply turns into one big, hard blood clot the size of a baseball. Digestive tract also becomes filled with blood clots. Inner surface of the stomach mortifies and falls away in chunks, which are later expelled from the organism during defecation, along with copious amounts of blood. Ebola infection is also fatal for pregnant women, causing a miscarriage. Fetuses that result from this are also bleeding from every orifice and are literally soaked with the virus, due to the placenta not being able to block it.

Finally, Ebola completely destroys the patient’s brain, with its victims suffering from epileptic fits in the process. This is the last stage of the disease. The entire body convulses, with bleeding eyes rolling so far up that only whites – or, in this case, reds – can be seen. During the fits, blood literally gushes from the patient in every direction; this is when most infections occur, due to people getting splashed by it. Ebola multiplies so fast that the affected cells form crystalloids of compressed viral particles. These formations were dubbed “bricks” by the researchers. They can be found in every part of the body – heart, digestive tract or even eyes. Upon death, the corpse decays surprisingly quickly, collapsing unto itself. Since most of the body’s organs were dead for some time already, the body dissolves almost instantly, no longer being able to sustain the havoc that virus wreaks.

Teh end.


Mengerikan? Sementara mari kita tengok di Monrovia:

Mari kita tunggu semoga Ebola-chan segera pergi dan cukup hinggap pada kelelawar saja.


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