On Hijab

Always love when some people defends hijab. Sometimes they give contradictory argument “it’s just a piece of cloth” then later saying “It’s a statement! I’m practising my religion.” In some case the whole argument was brought by men, which some feminist would say it’s patronizing and oppresing women. Now take a look on this one.

This video shows how people in some part of NYC interaction with woman, off and on Hijab. The video showed that when the women were using hijab there were no catcall. Some would say that this imply safety for women. But the point of hijab is not just against harassment and safety, it’s dignity of oneself. Seriously, never leave home without your dignity, or you let yourself exposed.

Say whatever you like, is slutwalk really empowering women?

slut walk  (1 of 1)-4


Best walking video is this, seriously “King! King! King!

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