Metalgate is a Thing


Where have you been when #gamergate happened? I just lurking around, laughing at ZQ, her minion, and Kotaku. Alot of shit happened within this year, and now the SJW is against the metalhead.

It was this article from metal injection stated that metalhead is the problem with metal and everyone should stop calling everyone faggot. This SJW bullshit could be traced back from Washington Times article said that heavy metal is being more socially conscious. I don’t give much thought into those until just last nigh this come in and gave us insight about this quote:

Metal is still dogged by the issues that arise from its deep-seated conservative values, but thanks to an increase in conversations about racism, politics, and feminism, those on the right side of history have gained solid ground. ~SPIN


That quote rub me in the wrong way. First metal is never give high regard to conservative value. Second, the language used about ‘right side of history’ suggest a forced narrative from the winning side of history. The issues mentioned (racism, politics, and feminism) reminds me to Social Justice movement that largely use Frankfurt School of thought (AKA Cultural Marxism). This is ironic because if anything this school of thought was supposed to ‘give voice’ and regard every culture and society as equal, but as shown by that quote, there’s a right side of history and everyone should join this narrative.

This very same problem (forcing narrative/language) arise in Shayne Mathis article in Metal injection. He forced his own definition of word faggot to the word faggot as used by metalhead. The word faggot as insult means pettyness, weakness, and repulsiveness, but for Shayne it was a permission for persecution and violence.

Am I a faggot?

Am I a faggot?

Forcing your own narration and twisting the reality of what the culture you’re criticising is the biggest irony of Social Justice. If Shayne is really immersed in metalhead community he would understand that while the word faggot is thrown so casually, many homosexual artist and metalhead have secured their place within metalhead community and face no persecution. The word has lost it’s powerful bigotry meaning to become a casual word within metalhead. Community that praise abrasive sounds, edge, and power slapped to everything.

Linking metalheads to conservative values is another flaw that could be explained that the critics does not aware heavy metal has been persecuted because perceived as against conservative values (which means the critics does not understand heavy metal and metalheads) or the critics conveniently disregard this fact because this debunk their narratives.


This woman is a pinnacle of conservative value.

For Norton of Washington Post metal social consciousness is a new thing, old time social consciousness that actually everpresent in metal is “blunted by dark imagery that panicked parents and led to the now ubiquitous “Parental Advisory” labels.” What de does not understand is that metal is always social commentary. Black Sabbath dark atmosphere is a mirror of the band harsh environment. Trash metal harsh music is a rebellion against cooptation and degeneracy espoused by glam metal which is a product of western greed.

Metal has been around for 4 decade being called anti-christ and anti-establishment. Would you think SJW new front against metal will gain anything? They don’t even understand what they’re trying to critic.


One thought on “Metalgate is a Thing

  1. It’s weird because when I was playing in the music scene, “fag” was more of a punk scene thing, and the more hatred and vitriol behind the epithet, the more a term of endearment it was. “You’re such a fucking faggot, you fucking fag!” our biggest fans would shout at our lead singer prior to everyone kicking the shit out of each other, and at the end of the night, everyone would get their pictures taken together, hugging, shirts torn, covered in blood, and grinning ear to ear.

    Easy way to link metal to conservative values? Halford III is a (fucking awesome) Christmas album.

    Also, unless you really hate norse mythology or nature, a lot of black metal is pretty inoffensive.


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