Marty Friedman, WSJ Closing Ceremony, and Things

World Scout Jamboree, something every scout cheerish a lifetime chance to do this “pilgrimage.” Whichever color of uniform you wear, you’d want to experience this festival of brotherhood. This year Jamboree was great, the host put commemoration of nuclear bombing as one of humanity lesson in this Jamboree. As a closure for this Jambore the invite Marty Friedman to perform, but then this happened.


Anyone who knows Marty could expect this. Anyone who was been in scouting should know how puritan scout is compared to its contemporaries. Foul language is something to be expected in sub-culture where Marty is. He’s great musician, his work in Megadeth is praised everywhere. But you know that band had reputation. They were against sleazy and degenerate life of glam metal, but thrash metalhead behavior would also irk scoutmaster everywhere.

Now he’s in Japan, living and apreciating it’s culture. Would you expect him to be much different?

All in all, I should say it again. He’s a great musician. One of the song he perform last night is one of the thing that enthralled me. The song and the video accompanying it is a reflection what Japan in his eyes. Now let’s just try to listen it without thinking much of his foul language.


Sometimes in blogging we’re “hitting a wall” which make us blocked. There’s so many ideas to write and blog about in my head, but nothing motivate me to write a thing.

2 thoughts on “Marty Friedman, WSJ Closing Ceremony, and Things

  1. Well i was at that concert and im really asking myself what sort of foul language youre talking about? it was just a normal concert of a normal rock musician…


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