Numb: a Confession


Last week Paris was attacked by jihadi that probably connected to Da’ish. Then the social media exploded. Some showed their sympathy by applying french flag filter to their profile picture, while others condemn them by asking why we forgetting daily plight of Palestinian.

Ofcourse their protest are right but are we starting a pissing contest?

Nobody in Yogyakarta still remember missing girls taken by Boko Haram or even know about Al-Shabaab attacks i Nairobi this year. Nobody remember misery befallen to commonfolk in Eastern Ukraine (or Novorossiya if you want to call it like that. I bet more than half that raised concern about Palestine was just parroting what others said.

Shit happens, then French retaliate by bombing ISIS position. Just like what usually happened, we should expect some collateral. Then this kind of post bound to happen:


Fun fact: the aircraft is most probably Russian Sukhoi while photos of the victims below taken long before.

I don’t know.

This kind of picture should bring strong reaction and emotion from us, but not from me. I was kinda desentitized seeing this kind of things. Ever since my highschool years I’ve been seeing this kind pic from Palestine, Afghanistan, or Iraq. Later on Arab Spring bring us tears and promise of glory. But shit in Syria just drag on and on. Then ISIS came as top dog against Assad.

Some choose to bury their head in the sand saying things like “not true muslim” or “made by CIA” etc.

I just don’t know what to feel anymore so I just shutdown my feeling.


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