What’s This All About?

What is this blog all about? For your convenience, here is how my post categorized:

Bard’s tavern, all about history and how people perceive history;
Euphoric, religion and religiosity (you may not tip your fedora);
Illiterate, about culture, philosophy, and literature. Basically things that shows how uncultured peasant I am;
Pathfinder, about scouting or outdoor thingy;
Things, anythings that do not belong to other cathegory;
War of the Thrones, about politics, how people at eachother’s throat, red pills.

Have a nice reading. I hope you get an archive binge, I don’t write that much though. So no worry.


Some of the writing posted here may intended as sarcasm. I will not tagged it as such, as it will be presented with distorted view of reality. If you take it at face value, you probably should get a psychiatric help.

Meanwhile my serious writing may suffer alot in the department of quality and fact checking. Just remember, ther’s no easy pill that will grant you enlightenment. Seek your own path to the truth, this blog is a mere reaction to fogg of war out there, and I shall not say I have intellectual capacity to enlighten you.

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