New Boot: Eiger Clements

It’s been a year since my Boogie Linsang broke. My other shoes, made by Bata, already falling apart despite newer. I’m forced to use sandals or borrow my friends boots for hiking and camping. Now for a change: I bought a boot.


I haven’t use it for any physically demanding activities or under rain so I can’t say much about it’s outdoor worthiness. But damn, it’s so darn comfy! It got no leather parts though, so I can’t wax it.

Guys, Leave No Trace Please?

Pada 16 Agustus lalu saya melakukan pendakian ke Merbabu, momen saat ramai-ramainya pendakian selagi perayaan kemerdekaan Indonesia. Saya gagal mencapai puncak kerna keburu ngantuk berat, tak saya kira dua hari kemudian muncul berita ini:

mount_merbabu_java_624x351_afpBaiklah kawans cobalah ingat nasehat satu ini: Continue reading

Kim Jong Un Scaled North Korea Highest Mountain

What a delightful sunday! We just recently received a bright news that Dearest Leader of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea just hiked his way to the highest peak of his land : Mount Paektu.


With no sign of fatigue he greeted his soldier and gave us big smile. Continue reading