Black Metal Krupuk


So we could sit there and like talk about everything… like krupuk. Gylve ask me like “So how do you like your krupuk? You like them crispy or you like them soft?” And I said “I like them crispy.” And he said “Nononono! It’s better when they’re really soft. You put in soto and let it rest for a while and then you eat it.”

Marty Friedman, WSJ Closing Ceremony, and Things

World Scout Jamboree, something every scout cheerish a lifetime chance to do this “pilgrimage.” Whichever color of uniform you wear, you’d want to experience this festival of brotherhood. This year Jamboree was great, the host put commemoration of nuclear bombing as one of humanity lesson in this Jamboree. As a closure for this Jambore the invite Marty Friedman to perform, but then this happened.

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