Glory for Loser

Holla kawan-kawan semua, adakah anda semua menikmati minggu ini? Di temgah minggu ini ada pesta demokrasi, pemilihan legislatif 2014. Adakah anda ikut berpesta dengan rakyat Indonesia lainnya atau malah berteriak “Demokrasi BIADAB! Demokrasi LAKNAT!” Bagaimana kabar jari anda, sudah hilang belum tinta tanda anda sudah mencoblosnya?

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On 2014 Party


There’s the plain green who were not really sure about themselves, there’s another moss green that is liberal, then the inconsequential other electric green. There’s also the white with their meat scandal. Should I say about white blue that also not sure about themself?

Now on the corporatist side we have blue mercedes, yellow that wants back to good ol’ days, and and don’t forget about orange-white one. I’m not sure what to say about blue-yellow circle, so meh. Now that one hawk red-white, the fashisti one might appeal anyone who long for messianic figure.

But there’s only one shade of red. Those of Vanguard, Populist Front, and Renewal absorbed back to the might of STRUGGLE. KURENAI!!!!

I need earplug for the last one.