Antara Akal dan Blasphemy

I think, therefore I blaspheme.


Ah, entahlah. Argumennya dapat kamu benarkan, tapi bagaimana perasaanmu? Bila kamu terganggu akankah kamu mengadukannya kepada polisi? BUkankah ia sekedar menggunakan akalnya yang dikaruniakan oleh Allah?

But y tho?

Sedari jamannya Comite Pembela Kandjeng Nabi sampai FPI, hal ini akan terus ada.


“You’re philosophy girl aren’t you?”

“No Sir, I’m just studying it.”

“That’s it, would you enlighten me what existetialism is?”

To write down the debate that occur after that exchange would be difficult task as I have no record of it nor I have great imagination to make a great tall tale about two people debating. In short, the girl expressed that she’s too young to answer that question and the man here not that keen on pursuing answer from her. Probably ready to shittalk or bantering with me.

But then she answered it, or I should say tried to anwer it.¬†According to her existentialism is about how oneself ¬†define and justify their existencence by their meaning to other. Oh Vey! Isn’t that the philosophy that Marcus Aurelius submit his life? Hey, aren’t existetialist philosopher deal with angst and being against “meaning?”

Gosh, you confuse stoicism and existentialism.


Somehow i feel like she want to preach something.